Advertising on Facebook waste of time and money – Review

Have you ever thought about the money spent on Facebook for publicizing your business is utilized properly or not. Or the following that you have built with that money is useful or is it just some number and nothing else. Facebook can boost your business tremendously if you can build an audience on it, many companies invest thousands of dollars in it to build a brand. in this article I will tell you why Facebook is not good for your advertising campaign.

We recently did an experiment with Facebook, we ran a like campaign from Dec 2014 to Feb 2015 with minimal amount of money that was enough to attract 80 to 130 people per day to my page. Because we work with all categories of products our content was of everyone’s interest. In December when we just started the campaign we planned it for US only and were getting 3 to 4 likes per day because we had several filters on audience. We were looking for a specific set of people to follow us.

After a week we had around 45 followers. This was the time when we felt we must increase our reach but because we were evaluating the effectiveness of the advertisement program we dint wish to increase the money. Having that in mind we removed filters and expanded our country selection to china, Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia, Germany and India.

Just after 1 hour we got the changes approved. We were thrilled to see the response. We started getting around 30 likes per day which was almost 90 percent increase. we kept it running for a month without posting any new content and looked at it back in Jan end. By the end of Jan 2015 we had 903 like, which says we have 900 followers.

Meaning if we post something that will be published in news-feed of these 900 followers. it is a good return on investment 900 followers in 40 days is not a bad investment. Lets have a deep look in these 900 followers.

Most of these followers came from Philippines, Egypt and India. If you look at these profiles (you can look at their profiles when they are in your notification) you will find these are following thousands of pages but they don’t have many posts or friends. So it can be understood that these are not real people and they like every page they come across almost like a robot.

We started our post test, we posted around 5 posts and we got nothing in response absolutely no response from 900 people. not even for Apple watch, Moto 360 and Apple Mac Book.

How Facebook post distribution works – Facebook makes sure that they don’t serve spam to the users, so they will first show your post to some percentage of your followers, if they like the post or comment on it Facebook will think it is a valid and good post and it will serve it to more people and will continue to do so until they serve it to all your followers. But they will stop serving your post if your followers don’t respond.

What this means for you; you spend lot of money on your advertisement on Facebook in response you got many followers from around the world. now because your followers do not respond on your posts your posts are proven spam and wont be published to all.

In short, you paid money to Facebook so that they can declare you a spammer. to us it appears that if you are a small business owner you shouldn’t be even thinking of advertising on Facebook. But if you are a very big firm and your annual budget for advertising on Facebook is huge, you can start it and leave it. it may start giving you results after you have around a million followers.

That’s all from me. Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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